The current turnaround time is 4-24 weeks depending on when we receive your keepsakes. Follow our facebook page for the most up to date information and promotions:

Care Instructions

 Your keepsake jewelry is a unique piece of irreplaceable jewelry. All Breastmilk & DNA Keepsake Inclusions are primarily resin based. Resin is a beautiful medium, that requires care instructions to be strictly followed. You will receive a care instruction card that will arrive with your keepsakes.  

Exposing your piece to harsh & prolonged periods of sunlight, perfume, oils, hairspray, essential oils, cleaning products, chlorine, bug spray, salt water & silver polish (on the Resin component) will dramatically affect the integrity of your piece.

Cleaning Your Keepsakes

Most of our pieces are made with sterling silver and silver naturally tarnishes over time. The metal aspects of your keepsake can be polished with a soft polishing cloth. Never use tissues or paper towels for cleaning your keepsakes. These products will scratch the surface of your keepsakes. The Resin component can be cleaned with a soft plain cloth.  

Storing your Keepsakes

All jewelry should be stored away from natural light, heat sources, and in a protective (lined) jewelry box or tarnish - resistant pouch. A piece of Anti-Tarnish paper will be placed In the bottom of your custom keepsake box exclusively from Forget Me Knot Keepsakes to help keep your keepsakes integrity. Do not store in the bathroom or areas of high moisture.  it’s important to make sure your sterling silver jewelry is dry before putting it away


Please understand that by reading through these care instructions, you are agreeing to the care that goes along with your keepsakes. Failure to follow these instructions can result in discolored, dull, damaged keepsakes. My Forget Me Knot Keepsakes is NOT responsible for any lost, misplaced, or stolen keepsakes.