The current turnaround time is 4-24 weeks depending on when we receive your keepsakes. Follow our facebook page for the most up to date information and promotions:


What is a keepsake:
It is a item or moment in time that you would like to make a memory tangible. To make it into jewelry or another keepsake. Some Keepsakes that I have created have Items such as breastmilk, formula, umbilical cord, placenta, cremation ashes, hair, fabric, sand, and teeth. Please NEVER send me the last of your keepsakes.
Can I change my order?
I offer cancellations or order changes in the first 24 hours after you have placedyour order. After that there will be no order charges accepted. This is because I have already ordered the materials to create your keepsake.
How much milk do I need to send?
Half an ounce (15 ml) is recommended for standard pieces which can yield 2-4 pieces of jewelry. Please send me an email at if you have less than 15ml prior to ordering.  
What keepsakes can I place in jewelry and how much do I need of each item?
Breastmilk-15ml and 2-4 keepsakes can be made from this.
Hair- 5-10 strands or1 inch lock or less, please bundle by tying a string around the hair.  
Clothing- one square inch
Umbilical cord-1 piece of a stump
Ashes- 1 teaspoon and I will send what I don’t use back to you.
Placenta- 1 dried placenta capsule
Soil or Sand-1 tsp
Formula- 1 scoop
Flowers (dried)- 1 to 2 petals or equivalent steam or foliage per piece (please make sure they are completely dried, or they will grow mold in transit)
I do ask that you do not send me all you have of your inclusions (breastmilk, ashes, placenta powder, hair, etc.).
This is to ensure that you are able to have a backup should something happen.
What is your turnaround time:
I understand how badly you want to hold your tangible memory in your hand. My turnaround times range from 6-50 weeks. This is depending on many things including how quickly I receive your inclusions. My youngest son is medically complex and does have frequent appointments and hospital admissions. I've recently relocated from Alaska to West Virginia and I'm still trying to find my new routine. Shortly after my move I contracted Covid-19 in January/February 2022. After I recovered, my world changed again when I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis, which is an autoimmune disorder. I had my first major flare as a result from Covid-19. So, there are a few things that could affect your turnaround time and this is why it could be a longer wait time as mentioned above. Feel free to message me via email  at if you have any further questions regarding the turnaround time.  
What if I want multiple inclusions in my jewelry?
Yes! When sending in different inclusions, place them separately in a sealed bag with your name and order number on them.
Do you save the extra milk?
I only save the extra preserved breastmilk if there is any left for future purchases for 1 year. 
What kind of milk to you take?
Fresh or frozen. The age of the milk does not interfere with the preservation process. If you do decide to send frozen milk please unthaw it before packaging it up to ensure there is no leaks in the bag. 
Can I use more than 1 milk for my order?
Yes! I would advise you to mix the milk into the bag before sending to cut on shipping costs. If you would like to have extra breastmilk preserved add this product to your cart:::
Return policy?
Due to the handmade nature of the jewelry I do not accept refunds.
How does the milk not spoil in the jewelry?
Your milk is treated with a special preservation powder that has been created and it is a tried and true method.
How do I know I am getting my own keepsakes in my order?
As a nurse I am trained in proper ways to avoid contamination. I also only use one person’s milk at a time to avoid cross contamination. As a pumping mother myself, I treat my client’s keepsakes as I want my own to be treated. With the upmost respect.
How to ship?
Please ship all keepsakes double bagged in a padded envelope! A detailed shipping instructions will be emailed to you once your order is placed. If you are sending multiple inclusions, please double bag those separately and attach your name and order number on those bags as well. We are not responsible for lost, stolen, damaged items caused by postal service. 
How do I send cremations?
Cremains by law are required to be sent priority express which costs around $26.35 I only ask for a small amount of cremations per piece (about a teaspoon amount per keepsake is plenty). Please DO NOT send more than what is needed. If there are any ashes left over I will need to charge another $26.35 for postage to return them. Or if there is a small amount you can add another keepsake to use the rest of the cremains. If you do not wish to pay for return shipping of ashes or add another keepsake to use the rest, I will spread the remaining cremations in one of my favorite places.
Please visit the USPS websites and attached YouTube video for further instructions.
Cancelation policy?
I offer cancellations in the first 24 hours after receiving your order confirmation. After that there is no refund available. This is because I have already ordered the materials to create your keepsake.
How do I determine my ring size?
The most effective way to determine your ring size is go to your local jewelers as most will size you for free. Or you can choose a ring sizer kit to be mailed to you. Click here to purchase.
 Will my milk jewelry look exactly like the pictures on the website?
Breastmilk is as unique in color as we are as people. For this reason, your breastmilk keepsakes might not look exactly like the ones in the photos on the website. Everyone’s breastmilk color is individual to you. I’ve see milk that is snow white to beautiful creamy yellow and even blue/pink/green tinged. Bottom line, your keepsake will be unique to you.
Will my keepsake yellow or dull?
I have been taught how to properly preserve breastmilk through a course offered through Baby Bee Hummingbirds and I also use the tried and true preservation power that they indorse. Meaning your breastmilk has been professionally preserved and will not rot. Your keepsake will last a life time as long as the proper care instructions are followed which will be sent to you with your keepsakes. Failure to comply with the instructions to care for your Keepsake will dramatically affect the integrity of your keepsake stone.
What do you create custom orders?
I can certainly try! There is a custom order request located here.